It’s been a very busy week in Nursery.

We received a letter from the Easter bunny asking us to help find carrots for his tea.

We worked as a team, experimenting to see how far we can roll eggs down a ramp.

We have even made chicks using our playdough!

Oliver’s Vegetables

After reading the story Oliver’s Vegetables by Alison Bartlett and Vivian French we had a go at making our own chips!

First we prepared the potatoes by peeling and chopping them. Then we put them into the air fryer and sprayed oil onto them. Next we set the timer and waited for the chips to cook. Last we ate them!

Science week

We have been learning all about germs for science week. We talked about what might happen if we don’t wash our hands before eating – it might make us ill!

To practice washing our hands we used glitter to represent germs and tried to wash them off! As part of our continuous provision we had a go at catching germs using tweezers.

We then used google to find pictures of real germs because they are too small for us to see!


This half term we are learning all about growing.

We are reading Jack and the Beanstalk and have used this as inspiration for our art work! It got very messy when we painted our hands to print the leaves. We have been on a walk to find out what plants are growing around our school. We found orange and white crocus, yellow daffodils and some daffodils that were still in bud. We are going to keep watching these to see what happens! On our walk we used our new time words first, next and last to help us remember the order in which we saw each flower. We drew pictures of each plant, talking about the shapes and colours that we would need.